Bobby Unser

Bobby Unser is three-time winner of the Indianopolis 500 and other races.

Nobody remembers the guy who finished second
but the guy who finished second.


Nothing fuels success like desire.

I'm not really an optimist. I'm a believer! There's a huge difference: Optimists live in some dream world where every day is sunny. Believer's hold the sunshine in their souls, but accept the fact that the weather outside can be downright lousy at times.

When the passion is so deep inside you that you're able to overcome all challenges, you have won the toughest part of any race — you've qualified. Now all you have to do is plan, drive smart, and finish strong.

Winners are Driven: A Champion's Guide to Success in Business & Life (2003)

Desire: the secret equalizer

  • nothing fuels success like desire
  • drives you through the tough times and propels you through the good times

"Go fast, lead, win. That's what life is about. Waiting for someone else to do something or some other event to occur won't get you anywhere. You've got places to go and things to do, and you can't do them waiting for others. So, get going, and go fast —- you'll learn quicker, and stand out more. You never know who's watching. Then, figure out how to lead. Not by announcing it with your mouth, by doing it with your actions. Leading races wasn't something I talked about, it was something I did. Eventually, after leading enough, you'll win. Go fast, lead, win."

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