Dan Kennedy



"It's easier to find a new audience than to write a new speech."

"Very few sales professionals have such a mastery of the fundamentals that they need to move on to esoteric techniques."

"No one goes to see the wise man at the bottom of the mountain."

"The mightiest weapon a sales professional can wield is an overwhelming quantity and quality of proof"

  • practice doesn't make perfect: perfect practice makes perfect
  • repeat without redundancy (messages take time to be received)
  • annoying pest —> welcome guest

"He's a lot more solid on his feet than last year. He doesn't do anything fancy. He just doesn't make many mistakes."

Dynamic Personal Influence

Here are the components that can help you move people on the basis of your personality alone

  1. Celebrity
    • being perceived as having celebrity status
  2. Credibility
    • being respected and trusted
  3. Expertise
    • having legitimate, extensive, superior knowledge
  4. Mastery of Emotional Triggers
    • hitting more of your client's emotional triggers (called "E-Factors")
  5. Good Sense of Humour
    • clear enough?
  6. Independence
    • don't need constant reassurance and recognition of your competence by others
    • "Be willing to offend some in order to completely win over others."
  7. Bias for Action
    • admired, respected, followed

The Big Four

  1. Self-image
    • what do you see when you look in the mirror? a winner, a professional, a trusted advisor?
  2. Self-esteem
    • how do you feel about yourself and your selling role?
  3. Self-confidence
    • comes from preparation (e.g., planned presentation) and skill
  4. Self-discipline
    • e.g., getting off your duff, out the door and into action

Combined, these lead to enthusiasm, which leads to sales

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