Here are definitions of some words.


  • what you're capable of doing


  • determines how well you do what you do


"A coach is someone who can give correction without causing resentment." — John Wooden


  • the exchange of thoughts, messages or information as by speech, signals, writing or behavior [Encarta]
  • sending something you saw, heard or thought to another person so they visualize exactly what you saw, heard or thought Tim Sales
  • send an idea to someone and have them get the same idea at their level Tim Sales


  • use of competence


  • the use of words to promote a person, business, opinion, or idea — wikipedia


  • wants to know: will you take care of me?


  • solves problems for people for a profit
  • a pragmatic idealist (Michael Gerber)
    • pragmatic: ideas must work in the real world
    • idealist: must reach for something extraordinary … or why bother?
  • French for poor :)


  • a dream with a deadline
  • wish = goal without a timeframe


  • a thought process leading to an action that's repeated over and over again


  • income > expenses > wishes


  • an accumulation of facts (also see wisdom)


  • about expressing yourself, not proving yourself
  • the art of accomplishing more than the science of management says is possible (Colin Powell)


  • the entire spectrum from developing a product to selling it
  • goal is a long term relationship with your client which is profitable for both
  • a process, not an event
  • getting a prospect to knock on your door (vs sales)

Mastermind Group

  • or Quality Circle or Support Team


  • role model … you want to be like them


  • determines what you do
  • an inside job (follow me… I'm right behind you)


  • get people to want to do what you want them to do
  • the art (and sometimes, science) of steering someone else towards accepting and embracing an idea and/or taking a specific action through appeals to his intellect and/or emotions.” Clayton Makepeace
  • = Solve an Urgent Problem + Unique promise + Unquestionable proof + User-friendly proposition Gary Bencivenga


  • something in common
  • People like people who are like them (and vice versa) (Tony Robbins)
    • When people are like each other they tend to like each other —> matching and mirroring

Reticular Activating System

  • synchronicity


  • the master art of creating relationships
    • friends buy from friends
  • a transfer of your enthusiasm about the product or service into the mind and heart of the other person (Brian Tracy)
  • knocking on a prospect's door (vs [[marketing]])

Sales Process

  • Prospect, Present, Followup
  • Prospect, Present, Persuade, Close


  • a promise that you'll do something


  • behind every strategy is a dream of what may be


  • a function of generosity: give and ask (must be willing to ask)
  • comes from different or cheaper
  • find a super successful person you resonate with and apprentice with them for two years
  • = different or cheaper
  • progessive realization of a worthy goal or ideal (Earl Nightingale)
    • have successive goals


Three Types of Time

  1. Work time: 80% of your time is spent making money
  2. Buffer time: cleanup messes
  3. Free time: for breakthroughs, refreshing (no thinking about business, no phone calls)
    • minimum 12 hours at a time,


  • donate 10% of your money (or time or effort, etc … whatever you want more of)


  • a want creates disappointment if you don’t get it, a need creates hungry if you don’t get it.


  • your reward for listening when you'd rather be talking
  • knowing what to do (virtue is acting on your wisdom) David Starr Jordan
  • the ability to decide what matters and what doesn't (also see "knowledge")
  • = knowledge + time

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