Michael Gerber

Michael Gerber

The E-Myth Revisited

A system lets ordinary people do extraordinary things


The Powerpoint is the intense energy in the centre of your business

  • proprietary … and it works

Entrepreneur = pragmatic idealist

  • pragmatic: ideas must work in the real world
  • idealist: must reach for something extraordinary … or why bother?

Business System

  • a repeatable process which produces a profit —> Replicable, scalable, runs without you
    • like a cookie cutter, give the same shape every time
  • the system is the brand

The Impossible Question

What the one thing that's impossible but if done would transform the business?
eg doctor appointments with no waiting times

The Improvement Process

Step Description
Innovation invent a new way to do an old thing
Quantification count what happens (verify that productivity increases)
Orchestration create a system to eliminate discretion at the operating level of the business ("my way or the highway"

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