Michael Oliver

Michael Oliver

Let clients sell themselves

Stop living off the mother of invention (necessity)

Natural Selling Principles

  1. Helping other people solve their problems
    1. ask questions; listen; feed back the intentions
    2. clients
      • have the history of what is and has happened in their lives
      • know their needs
      • have answers to questions, but they don't have the solution … you do
    3. you have questions and possible solutions
    4. dialogue is the mechanics: ask questions, listen, feed back
  2. Listening to what is being meant (emotional), not just what is being said (logical)
    • emotion motivates
  3. Letting others persuade themselves
  4. Feeding back what you think you heard the other person wants


The Six People In Every Conversation

When you talk to one other person, there are really six parties present.

You Other Person
How you perceive them How they perceive you
How you perceive yourself How they perceive themselves
How you really are How they really are

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