Seth Godin

Seth Godin

I stumbled upon Seth Godin in Feb 2007, thanks to a tip from my friend Peter McGarvey (blog). Seth has many contemporary ideas, simple yet powerful.
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New Economy Lie

  • everyone can live the life of an entrepreneur without being one ("intrapreneur")
    • big companies are broken … built for yesterday's world … a liability now
    • stock market is broken … assumes someone more stupid than you will pay more than you did

McDonald's Was Once Remarkable

  • offered consistent food nationwide
  • advertised nationally
  • limited menu of satisfying food
  • quick, low investment eating experience


  • the same as usual, only different —> stretch but not enough to trigger our fear of change
  • moving outside your area of expertise


Find products for your customers, rather than customers for your products.


Just about everything worth doing is worth doing because it's important and because the odds are against you. If they weren't, then anyone could do it, so don't bother. {source}


People don't believe what you tell them.
They rarely believe what you show them.
They often believe what their friends tell them.
They always believe what they tell themselves.

Marketing tells a story that spreads.
Sales overcomes the natural resistance to say yes.


Which is more important: a ringing telephone or a unfinished new concept on your screen, waiting for you to type out the rest of it? {source}

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