Tom Hopkins

Tom Hopkins

I must do the most productive thing possible at every moment


Work on helping people and they will like you and trust you

Beginners lack technical skills, so memorize: learn it and eventually you'll understand it

Money follow execution intelligence

telling <> selling … serve instead of sell

job: your boss decides your income
selling: you decide your compensation

work harder on yourself than on your job

net worth = f(self worth)

Attitude is everything

  • can't be down or negative … keep it to yourself
  • act happy to get happy

All problems start out as good ideas

Niche rhymes with rich

Giving Back

  • Spend 5% of your gross income giving back to your clients
  • Give your clients something six times a year (eg pumpkin at halloween, Thanksgiving card)

Components of a Business Plan

A business plan is a growth plan

  1. Who's on the team? (the people)
  2. What's the pain? (the problem)
  3. What's the opportunity? (niche rhymes with rich)
  4. What's the risk?
    • entrepreneur asks what can go right; investor asks what can go wrong
  5. What's the upside? (the returns)

Seven Motivators

Some work when they are in debt and others work when they have money.

  1. Money: give more for results
  2. Achievement: trophies, plaques
  3. Recognition
  4. Love of family: better home, children's education
  5. Approval: acceptance by others
  6. ???
  7. ???

Decisionmaking Process

  1. Need: what do you currently own?
  2. Enjoy: what do you enjoy about it?
  3. Alter: what would you improve?
  4. Decisionmaker: who would you consult with before deciding to proceed?
  5. Solution

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